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Our entire existence is based on our ability to pair you with a position where your Greatness is expressed at the highest level!  We understand that our employees are truly the backbone of America.  We see you as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and family.

Phoenix Labor Group is focused on fostering a community that understands life has challenges.  As such, the goals we set out to accomplish daily are centered around your best interest.  We want to make sure that you are paid well, respected, understood, and acknowledged when you perform to the best of your ability!  Being mindful of these things while managing thousands of employees, has launched us to new heights annually!  Join our team today, get that perfect position, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Job Placement & Job Openings with Phoenix Labor Group

Helping Business Owners.

The future of Phoenix Labor Group is to provide a service that is reliable, safe, and provides training and career advancement opportunities to all their employees.  We partner with shipyards across the South Eastern United States to find the best possible positions for our skilled employees.  We also join forces with other businesses all across The United States to ensure we have a broad array of amazing positions across numerous sectors.

This is where you come in.  Shipyards & other business owners need skilled workers to build these projects.  Who better to help them than you?  We help them complete projects on time, within budget, and deliver the highest quality service available.  We look for people who seek opportunities to go above and beyond so that our workers stand out above the rest.  When we find them, we make sure they are well compensated, value their work, and have opportunity to grow.  Look at our positions when you’re ready.

Set Standards.

Phoenix Labor Group still runs on standards we set years ago.  We recognize that our human nature would have us decline in quality or value due to complacency over time.  By setting standards we remove the temptation of falling short of our goals.  We look forward to meeting those of you who become future employees, and have the same desire for growth.  Together, we can accomplish all of our goals!

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